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Evacuated glass-tube receivers

The cylindrical shape design is the main reason why evacuated glass-tube solar collectors have higher thermal outputs and are inherently more efficient that other types of solar thermal collectors typically used in commercial and residential applications. Simply due to their superior design, evacuated glass tube solar collectors are able to make more efficient and maximum utilization of solar energy compared to flat-plate panel collectors.

Unlike the flat-plate type of solar collectors, evacuated glass-tube solar collectors collects the sun's energy from multiple angles due to their 360º tubular design.

When the sun is at a lower angle in the sky, it is almost impossible for most flat-plate solar collectors to trap the solar thermal energy. This is not the case with evacuated glass-tube solar collectors. They are built with a broader collector area to allow maximum utilization of the sun's energy, both during the day and for an extended period during the year. This mean that solar thermal hot water heating systems using evacuated glass-tube collectors work more efficiently in mid-morning and mid afternoon and can eliminate utility expenses associated with you hot water heater from early spring to late fall in most parts of the US.

For places with freezing climates, evacuated solar collectors are able to maintain a temperature in the range of 75ºC to 175ºC. Their operation is not affected by rising or falling temperatures. This property makes evacuated glass-tube collectors solar collectors a good investment in any region of the continental United States.

Evacuated glass-tube collectors are assembled with rows of parallel glass tubes ranging from 10 tubes upwards to 30 tubes per collector. The design and absorber coating(s) of the individual evacuated glass-tubes determine the BTU output for the total collector; so, be sure when you are comparing collectors, you adjust for the number of tubes in the collector.

Comparatively, evacuated tube solar collectors require less space on the roof and the collectors are relatively easy to install due to their modular construction. Emission of carbon dioxide is also maintained at a lower level.

Evacuated glass-tube solar thermal collectors provide a durability of at least twenty years, with minimal maintenance.

Industrial and commercial sectors utilize evacuated glass-tube collectors because these types of applications demand a higher level of performance and efficiency.

As the price of evacuated glass-tube solar thermal collectors decrease, discriminating and forward thinking homeowners prefer this type of collector for residential hot water and space heating as well.