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SolarPac TP-24 and SolarPac TP-12

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The evacuated twin-glass tube was a revolutionary breakthrough in solar thermal technology. The evacuated twin-glass tube design has the following advantages:
  • The evacuated glass tube design minimizes heat loss and provides superior performance in a wide range of temperatures
  • Due to their cylindrical tubular design (which maintains longer solar angles of incident) evacuated glass tube collectors passively track the sun throughout the day which results in a longer “solar day” and “solar year”…….. resulting in more annual savings in utility expenses
  • The absorbed solar energy inside the evacuated glass tube is transferred to the manifold within minutes of exposure in the sunlight due to our superior absorptive coatings
  • The copper layer in our selective absorptive coating reflects thermal energy back inside the inner tube which contributes to minimal heat loss
  • Wind and low temperatures have less effect on the functioning of evacuated glass tubes when compared to flat plate solar collectors due to the insulating properties of the vacuum
  • Due to the high efficiency absorption of solar radiation even during overcast conditions, combined with excellent insulative properties of the solar tube, solar tube collectors can provide hot water all year round (backup from gas or electricity is still required)
  • Evacuated tubes are strong, long lasting, and should one be broken, inexpensive and easy to replace
GEAR Solar high efficient selective absorptive coatings and vacuum heat insulation technology ensure the tube gets higher heat output in cloudy weather and most areas, especially in winter

GEAR Solar Solarpac’s inner tube is coated with three layers of special selective coatings (ALN/ALN-SS/CU) which results in excellent solar radiation absorption and minimal reflection properties. Most evacuated tube designs have only two layers of coatings.

The heart of GEAR Solar Solarpac collector is our robust all copper heat exchanger system which begins with our propriety designed heat pipe. GEAR Solar heat pipes are manufactured under “clean room” manufacturing conditions which mean that there are no contaminants within our heat pipe when the system is sealed.

Any type of particles or contaminants in the air that may find it way into the heat pipe during the manufacturing process reduces the efficiency of the condensation process.
Solarpac thermal collectors may be installed in banks of up to 10 collectors in series and unlimited parallel- connected banks.

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