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TM70 Tube

The metal sheet with selective coating in the vacuum glass pipe absorbs the heat from solar energy. The absorbed heat is transmitted to the working medium in the heat pipe via metal medium and completes heat exchange via the heat pipe.

Product Features
The new evacuated heat-pipe tube is a revolutionary breakthrough in solar thermal technology as well as the symbol of a great leap in the solar thermal utilization field after mankind’s continuous research year after year. The tube has the following advantages:
  • Heat-pipe conduction, no water inside, thus it is successfully prevented from the defects of tube blockage and low power output caused by water fouling and deposits of mud and sand.
  • It prevents the tube from being easily broken caused by the volume expansion when the water in the tube freezes during frigid seasons.
  • Quick Start-up. Energy inside the tube can be taken out within 2 minutes under the sunlight. The stagnation temperature of the heat-pipe can reach 220°C.
  • High efficient selective absorptive coatings and vacuum heat insulation technology ensure the tube gets higher heat output in cloudy weather and moist areas, especially in winter.
  • Solar collecting plate is installed and sealed inside the tube of high-quality borosilicate glass with 5x10-3Pa of vacuum, so it cannot be corroded in the event of moisture.
  • It perfectly solves the fetal defect of the common all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater, which cannot run if one of the tubes is out of commision.
It is widely used in large-sized hot water project / sea water desalination / Industrial heating / heating system and other fields.