At GEAR, we are committed to developing
technologies with focus on less or no impact
on the environment to provide a better life for
ourselves and generations to come.
Industrial Heating & Cooling

Solar technologies are being used for several industrial processes, such as food processing, textile cleaning and drying, pharmaceutical and biochemical processes, desalination, and heating and cooling of factories. Typically, 50% of electricity or natural gas demand in industrial companies stems from heating and cooling. Peak demand for these traditional forms of energy runs almost parallel with peak solar radiation and therefore solar heating and/or cooling is a natural peak solution.

GEAR Solar's product line includes solar thermal collecting systems that can be integrated into designs for industrial or manufacturing processes where either large volumes hot water or high temperatures of heat are needed. Our high performance solar industrial parabolic troughs can produce heat to temperatures that reach 500ºF . However, the majority of the energy used in industrial processes is below 250°F, a temperature range well suited for other solar thermal technologies.

Metvac Linear Receivers
SolarPac Commercial Rack
SolarPac Series

Solar Heating & Cooling